First Slice 4/3/16: Is City Hall doing a good job?

Plus, thousands could lose food stamp benefits

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The city of Atlanta is asking residents to say how it’s tackling infrastructure, transparency, and where you get your news. Let me just point out that one of the options to that last question includes “weekly alternative newspaper.” 

As the city moves forward with a water retention pond in Mims Park, a planned greenspace on the border of Vine City and English Avenue, residents want to know how the wave of investment in the area will affect them.

Thousands of able-bodied men and women — or who the state considers to be “able-bodied” — who receive food stamps in Hall, Cobb, and Gwinnett counties are set to lose those benefits under a pilot program.

Note to state lawmakers: Double-check your disclosures or expect a phone call from Jim Walls.

Note to attorneys in walkable college towns: don’t (allegedly) keep marijuana in your law office.

We are spending federal money to throw low-income New Yorkers out of buildings.”

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