First Slice 4-4-12: Tornadoes sweep through Tex., Romney sweeps primaries

And soon you’ll sweep through Midtown

1. Somewhere between six and 13 tornadoes swept through the Dallas-Fort Worth area yesterday, destroying homes and tossing tractor trailer beds around like were weightless (see video; it’s wild). So far, no deaths have been reported.

2. Mitt Romney swept the D.C., Maryland, and Wisconsin primaries yesterday, and is basically, for sure going to be the Republican presidential nominee. WHO let the dogs out, Mitt? You did, ya big, winning goofball. (This video never gets old to me.)

3. If the GDOT was a thing that had lips, I would kiss it for awarding the city of Atlanta $1 million grant to finally sync up the goddamn traffic lights in Midtown.

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