First Slice 4-6-12: It's Good Friday, which means no one is reading this

Bennies, schools, testing, and riding bitch with Petrino


1. The AJC has a story about the Ledge's slashing of unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 14 to 20, which you already know about as we've been writing and blogging about that, as have others. But I really like the quote from the recently laid off computer technician, 51, when he explains just how shitty that is given real-world circumstances:
"The economy has been bad enough and people cannot find suitable work," Joe Thomas said. "The lead time between positions takes a couple of months, and the whole interview process is extended because so many people are out there looking. The unemployment benefits are not a lot of dollars to begin with. I really get annoyed when politicians say we’re just sitting on unemployment benefits and not working because it’s free money. ... To decrease benefits during tough times like this is not helpful to those of us in need.”
A reasonable complaint, the sort of which has no place in modern politics.

2. It's just about test-taking time in Georgia public schools, which means the AJC has a chub.

3. I am not mature enough to comment appropriately on this story about former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino and the motorcycle crash he had while a 25-year-old person (with whom he admits an inappropriate relationship) rode along. I mean ... I'm just going to have to stop typing.

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