First Slice 4-9-15: It is difficult to investigate so many officer-involved shootings, GBI says

Plus, Beltline tinkers with income limits for housing assistance


  • Joeff Davis/CL File
  • Who is watching the police?

A man was shot last night by Atlanta Police in Mechanicsville. And the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says investigating so many officer-involved shootings in the state is putting “a lot of strain” on the agency. Maybe we need to find a better way to police the police?

Scapegoating Black teachers for failing in a system that is designed for Black children, in particular, not to succeed is the real corruption here.”

Summer has finally arrived in Atlanta. Wait, it’s the start of April?

Want a good explanation of why the gathering of the 2015 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Atlanta is in jeopardy? Here you go.

Are you not making a high salary and want to live near the Atlanta Beltline? You might qualify for housing assistance.

Top NASA scientists say we will discover aliens in our lifetimes.

And don’t forget to double-check and triple-check before sending e-mails.

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