First Slice 5-1-12: Immigrant rights groups rally at the Capitol today

Plus holocaust lessons gone awry, sexual assault suspect wanted in Buckhead, and Florida takes another look at Stand Your Ground

1. The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and other immigrant and human rights groups plan to gather at the Capitol today to oppose a variety of anti-immigrant measures taken in Georgia over the last several years. According to a press release, they want to put an end to “Secure Communities and 287g programs,” “attacks on workers and Unions,” as well as deportations, racism and what they call “the New Jim Crow era.”

2. A South Carolina middle school teacher is being charged with assault and battery for allegedly dragging a 12-year-old student “ten feet under a table” and telling him, “This is what Nazis do to Jews.” It’s also alleged (by me) that the teacher doesn’t fully understand what happened during the holocaust. Also, what a gigantic table.

3. Police have released the sketch of a suspect in at least a half-dozen sexual assaults in the Buckhead area since 2009. Most recently, a woman woke to find the man standing next to her bed inside her Lindbergh apartment.

4. Florida Governor Rick Scott took a short break from being the worst person ever to create a 17-member task force to review that state’s “Stand Your Ground” law and to decide whether the law — which, like Georgia’s, justifies the use of deadly force in certain situations — should be changed in the wake of the March 26 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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