First Slice 5-10-12: Home prices, cows, blah blah ... Let’s go Hawks!

The top stories in Atlanta today.


1. Metro Atlanta median home prices lag the nation. If any word in that sentence shocks you, tell me to stop.

2. These are the days I wished I watched more TV news. A herd of killer cows wandered into traffic in Newton County overnight, causing at least five car accidents.

3. The Hawks try to avoid playoff elimination tonight as they play Game 6 against the Boston Celtics at 8 p.m. in the Gah-den. I’d like to remind everyone what co-owner Michael Gearon said before the season:

” ... Now last year if, we had lost in the first round or gotten blown out in the second round, our roster would look like a lot different because we would say, ‘You know what? Time to make a change, let’s blow this up.’ Instead, we’ve got a core group that each year keeps chipping away and getting better. ... One thing nobody has really given us credit for is last year the Atlanta Hawks had the most competitive second-round series than they’ve had in 18 years.”

So, if they lose tonight, I’m sure he’ll not be satisfied and blow this team up.

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