First Slice 5-10-13: DeKalb schools go from budget shortfall to surplus virtually overnight

Plus, the Feds crack down on 3-D printed guns, something about chickens, and Atlanta is awesome!


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1. Barely a week after Defense Distributed, a Texas-based company hell-bent on creating the first 3-D printed gun, succeeded in their ambitions the Department of Defense ordered the blueprints taken offline. According to Forbes, the prints were downloaded more than 100,000 times in just two days.

2. DeKalb County Schools have gone from a $15 million budget shortfall to surplus virtually overnight after officials found an extra $21 million that had been overlooked somewhere in all that paperwork. The same day, district finance chief Michael Perrone turned in is resignation, though a spokesperson told the AJC the two happenings were completely unrelated.

3. In Germany, a Nazi-themed opera has been canned after the opening-night audience complained of new scenes added to Richard Wagner's "Tannhauser" which depicted Jews dying in gas chambers and being executed.

4. The Georgia Department of Corrections has agreed to pay the Southern Center for Human Rights $9,000 to cover court costs and deliver more than 1,000 pages of requested documents. The DOC originally said the information regarding two inmate deaths and broken locks in a northwest Georgia prison would cost $250,000 and take 31,000 business hours to compile ... as the AJC pointed out, 31,000 hours is the "equivalent of 15 years of work for a person working eight hours per day, 50 weeks per year ... "

5. Speaking of the AJC, did you enjoy the clean-cut look of the above article? Well, you have five more days before it's 'MyAJC' paywall kicks in and AJC.com is retooled to "focus on breaking news and entertainment, as well as put more emphasis on videos, photo galleries and social media."

6. And the latest in the pointless list department: Atlanta has been dubbed the eighth most exciting city in America. Huzzah!

7. Holy cow, owning chickens in Cobb can be a lot of trouble. (See what I did there?)


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  • But they're so cute!

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