First Slice 5-11-12: Movin’ on up, at a rate equal to the national average

The top news of the day in Atlanta.


  • Austin Espinoza ‏ via twitter @austin_espinoza
  • Ivan Johnson was not really saying “We’re number 1”

1. The Economic Mobility Project - described as “the first analysis of the economic mobility of Americans, both upward and downward, done on a state-by-state basis” - says it is harder for those in the South to “climb the economic ladder.” However, it found that, of states in the South, Georgia offers more opportunity for upward economic mobility than its neighbors. (It showed Georgia was about on par with the national average in terms of upward and downward mobility.)

2. The Atlanta Hawks’ season ended with a first-round playoff loss. Afterward, Ivan Johnson flipped off a Celtics fan, which will not go over well but which makes for a pretty entertaining picture. This is not the first time he’s done this, as he was banned for life from the Korean League for flipping off a referee, but in that case we can all agree the guy deserved it.

3. The Political Party transportation tax debate last night was a big success, thanks to Thomas’s expert moderation, a feisty panel of experts, and an overflow, passionate audience. Thomas will put up a full recap later. For those who didn’t get to ask questions because we ran long, please ask them in the comments, and Thomas will try to answer them or get responses for you.

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