First Slice 5-15-12: Someone got shot at the drive-in


1. Details are scarce, but apparently someone was shot and killed at Starlight Drive-In at around midnight last night.

2. I distinctly remember sitting on my mom’s lap and driving around our apartment complex in Yonkers, New York at, like, seven years old (for more on my idyllic and potentially dangerous childhood read my memoir “Neil Simon’s Sloshed in Yonkers”) but this story is different because the child was driving not on a lap and also drove through a house in Conyers.

3. The University of West Georgia is holding a blood drive in honor of Aimee Copeland, the grad student who contracted a flesh eating disease after cutting her leg when a homemade zip line broke. Does anyone else live with the innate fear that they’ll suffer a serious injury whilst doing something that’s supposed to be fun? I’m assuming other people do. And that’s why this is national news (Fresh Loaf commenters, I’m talking to you).

4. You think pink slime is gross and now people don’t have jobs and it’s all your fault.

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