First Slice 5-16-13: Bibles returning to state parks!

Plus, AJC pay walls, Mayan pyramids, and more


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  • Welcome to May 16, 2013.

1. Governor Nathan Deal said bibles will return “rather quickly” to bedsides in cabins and lodge rooms in Georgia state parks. Officials pulled the holy books earlier this year under fear of litigation.

2. The U.S. Senate has given two thumbs up to legislation that will allow the deepening of Savannah’s port to move forward with a higher budget than Congress originally approved.

3. The free ride is over, folks. The AJC’s ‘MyAJC’ pay wall is now in full effect. That means if you want to read hard-hitting features like this ditty you’ll need to pony up the dough. There will still be content available for free at, but will focus more on breaking news and entertainment coverage.

4. In Belize, a construction company has reportedly decimated a more than 2,300 year old Mayan pyramid and used the rock as road fill.

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