First Slice 5-2-12: Four alarm fire at Tyler Perry Studios

Plus Occupy stuff and Newt stuff

1. More than 100 firefighters worked well into the early morning to extinguish a blaze that engulfed a building at Tyler Perry’s Southwest Atlanta movie studio. Perry was reportedly at the scene, but wouldn’t speak to reporters. Still, nothing burns with as much fury as my anticipation for the release of “Madea’s Witness Protection” on June 29.

2. Vandalism and violence marked many of the Occupy movement’s May Day rallies yesterday (but not in Atlanta). And that’s just in the places that are being reported on. In fact, this AP article doesn’t even mention the scene in Portland, OR, where protestors and police clashed. My best friend emailed pictures of police (and protesters) outside her office building in Downtown Portland (she saw them use tear gas, too) ...

3. Today is the day. Finally. Newt Gingrich will officially announce that he’s dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Mitt Romney. In hindsight, it was really nice of him to give us advanced notice so we didn’t waste the morning clawing at our faces and clothes, cursing God, and sobbing until we vomited.

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