First Slice 5-21-12: Happy birthday, Andy Young

Plus, why aren’t we seeing more trains and buses in the T-SPLOST ads?


1. Former United Nations Ambassador and Mayor Andrew Young celebrated his 80th birthday last night with hundreds of celebrities and local notables at Medieval Times the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. Mayor Kasim Reed danced with Oprah Winfrey, who most likely shouted the name of every single person she met.

2. Maria Saporta says the campaign urging metro Atlanta voters to support the regional transportation tax need to pay more attention to inside-the-perimeter residents — the people who might actually be more likely to support the measure. (Coming out in full force during this weekend’s Atlanta Streets Alive was a good start.)

3. Republican voters this summer will be asked nonbinding questions on their primary ballots about ethics reform and casino gambling. The results will then quickly be forgotten by party leaders so they can focus on more important issues such as permitting silencers on hunting weapons and destroying the United Nations.

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