First Slice 5-6-13: Fulton County to move ahead with cultural center near airport

Plus, a Revolutionary War fort in northeast Georgia?


Why, Fulton County, why?

Memo to hackers: Never - ever - screw with Atlanta computer servers. We will fly your ass to the busiest airport in the world and prosecute you.

Ya know, the tea party might actually be on to something about those civil forfeiture laws...

Never forget the Great Johnson Ferry Road Traffic Light Freak-Out of 1997!

Archaeologists have discovered a small Revolutionary War fort in northeast Georgia.

Rush Limbaugh might take his level-headed, non-political commentary elsewhere if the CEOs of radio networks don’t stop blaming him for declining ad sales.

A United Nations investigator claims he’s gathered testimony that accuses Syrian rebels of using chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war that’s left more than 70,000 people dead.

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