First Slice 5-7-12: Georgia’s terrible new license plates released today

Look away, motorist


1. Georgia’s new license plate design will become available across the state starting today. Whatever happened to the classic, simple license plate of yesteryear?

2. Despite talk of cutting waste, state lawmakers are still using public cash - putting us in debt is more like it - to pay for pet projects in their districts.

3. ICYMI: Last week we marked CL’s 40th anniversary. Staff Writer Chad Radford rappelled into the paper’s archives and spent much of Friday flipping through CL’s first issue - all four pages of it. Among the award-winning contents: A column by Gene Siskel, a piece about sailing on Lake Lanier, and the true definition of a “creative loafer.” It’s the first of many installments by Radford about the paper’s past.

4. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated on Sunday by Socialist candidate Francois Hollande to become the latest European leader to lose office after the global financial crisis. Among Hollande’s more outrageous proposals: a way-too-high tax on top earners and rolling back the retirement age for some workers.

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