First Slice 5-8-15: Georgia officials want more Medicaid funding, but not expansion

State health officials are asking the federal government for help with struggling rural hospitals, plus more local and national news.

State health officials are still against expanding Medicaid, but they're not opposed to "experimenting" with it. Georgia's leaders are considering asking the federal government for increased funding to help support struggling rural hospitals. The money would cover uncompensated care costs, rather than providing health insurance to more people.

Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May — currently under investigation by the FBI — is expected to announce his resignation this morning. If he steps down, southeast DeKalb voters will get to choose their next representative in a special election.

The Braves are well into the season, and attendance has declined by an average of 6,137 baseball fans each game. This is the biggest drop the team has experienced in more than a decade.

Yesterday afternoon a driver shot and killed himself on I-20 after he was pulled over in a traffic stop during rush hour.

"I heard the word ricin for the first time in my life from a federal agent in homeland security while being interrogated... And I thought he said 'rice'. I said: 'I don't even eat rice usually. I'm not even a rice lover.'"

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