First slice 8/7/12: Forsyth County officials do not make good dogsitters

And things are also awful in Gwinnett County


  • Sebastian Ritter/Wikimedia

1. When a Forsyth County man was hospitalized for a bad reaction to medication, a Forsyth County deputy apparently insisted the man's dogs be handed over to the county to be cared for during the length of his recovery. That didn't exactly happen: a lawsuit claims that just three days later, both dogs were put to sleep. A judge initially cleared the county of malfeasance, but an appeals judge decided the case should go before a jury.

2. An arsonist (or several) is terrorizing a Gwinnett County subdivision.

3. Elsewhere in Gwinnett, the skeletal remains of a young African-American woman were discovered in a wooded area. Police have released an image of the T-shirt she was wearing so the public can assist in identifying her.

4. The man who opened fire and murdered several people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was a card-carrying white supremacist who probably didn't know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims, was the frontman of a white-power punk band called End Apathy, and hung around in hammerskin chatrooms to talk other people into acting on their knee-jerk hatred of men who wear turbans. He was apparently killed by police at the scene.

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