Morning Newsdome: Goin' down to Dawsonville December 17 2009

A daily round-up of everything important around the world

>> The U.S. has pledged to establish a $100 billion a year fund for climate financing for poor countries today. The fund will be collected from loaned money from China. (Voice of America)

>> Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls for the U.S. to accept further reductions to its nuclear arsenal with stricter verification measures. You know, like the restrictions the U.S. enforces on every other country in the world. (Voice of America)

>> Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari is under serious pressure to resign today after a court struck down an amnesty protecting politicians from prosecution concerning corruption. Sure, the names may change, but the corrupt politician is universal. (Reuters)

>> Germany and Spain want to cut back of swine flu vaccine deliveries and even return excess supplies to manufacturers. While many Germans and Spaniards will be at risk for the virus due to the low uptake of shots, the real victim is of course the poor drug companies who will lose out on profits. (Reuters)

>> And finally: Vice President Joe Biden came to our fair town of Dawsonville, Ga., today to announce $182 million in stimulus grants that would increase internet access to homes and businesses in 17 states. No fair! Dawsonville gets to have all the fun! (the Christian Science Monitor)

(Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

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