Ed Loves Bacon - Off the black

Ed chats with Athen, Ga's own James Ponsoldt on the making of his new feature film, Off The Black starring Nick Nolte. Alejandro gives us the lowdown on the buzz behind Mara Shalhop's three-part Black Mafia Family (BMF) cover story and podcasts.

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Off The Black web site: Nick Nolte plays a lonely, drunken baseball umpire. I'm not going say anything else...

The Smoking Gun mugshots: Okay I lied, you gotta check out Nick's infamous mugshot.

James Ponsoldt's blog: Delightful editorials from the mind of the director.

MisterMurph's Myspace page: He's the man behind our new theme song. Check out his music samples and blog, you won't be disappointed...disturbed, but not disappointed.

Creative Loafing BMF cover story: Well I guess they weren't called Black Mafia Family for nothing.

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