Ed Loves Bacon - DC offers first look at Green Lantern

As a special feature to DC's latest animated release, Wonder Woman, viewers get a sneak peek at the next release from their comic cavalcade - Green Lantern: First Flight.  According to the DVD featurette, its a retelling of the origin of DC's most popular ring bearer Hal Jordan.

The film is produced by veteran animator, Bruce Timm (Justice League: New Frontier) and Directed by Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman). Hal Jordan is voiced by Law and Order: SVU's Christopher Meloni while his mentor turned nemesis Sinestro is voiced by Victor Garber (Alias). Other actors who are lending their voice to the movie include Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer who plays the warrior GL, Boodikka and film actor, Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs) will portray the fan favorite GL - Kiliwog.

Now this doesn't mean Warner Brothers will not be releasing their live action film version of Green Lantern.  Internet Movie Database still has the release of Green Lantern set for 2011.

The animated feature film Green Lantern: First Flight is schedule for release on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand, Summer 2009.

Visit the official movie website.

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