Ed Loves Bacon - Twilight release party

Okay, I have to admit - I know nothing about this Twilight phenom. Before Friday, All I knew about the books and movie was that it is a tweener romance series about some angst ridden girl and a hot vamp. Their romance redefines chastity and there's some butt whoop and smooching peppered throughout. But at the pre-release party held at Blockbuster Video in Brookhaven, devoted fans gave me a brief education about the series.

Here's what I've learned from them:


  1. The cutie vamp is named Edward (Robert Pattinson), all that matters is he's hot.


  1. Bella (Kristen Stewart) has a cool truck and she's awesome.


  1. Vampires don't combust in sunlight - they twinkle. It adds to the cuteness factor as well.


  1. Not everyone is in Ed's camp, some are fans of a Native American shape-shifter named Jacob who's also vying for Bella's affections.


  1. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is hot, too.


  1. Twilight fans are called Twilighters, their mothers are called Twilight Moms, they tend to be fans of the books as well.


  1. Twilight is the greatest movie...ever!

That was enough to wet my appetite until I had a chance to check it out for myself. Their insights gave me several key points of reference when I finally sit down and review the DVD and extras. Since I'm not a pubescent girl swooning over the lead characters, I'm sure my perspective will skew in a different direction.

The two-hour long party was hosted by Star 94's Street Team. Twilighters and their parents played games and won some cool gear including a poster signed by the cast and crew of the movie.

While fans screamed and swooned on the anticipation of picking up their movie, outside of the store Twilighters were encouraged to give blood and received a pint of Edy's ice cream for their efforts.


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