Ed Loves Bacon - Nicolas Cage wants to take a new route with 'Ghost Rider 2'

Nick Cage has decided that he'll muddy the water's once again with sequel to the 2007 bomb Ghost Rider with a sequel, Ghost Rider 2 (no colon and subtitle as of yet).

According to brief interview with MTV during the promotional tour for his latest film G-Force, Cage mentioned he would like to deviate from the "western" feel the first movie had and steer it towards a more "international" view.

In Ghost Rider, Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a daredevil motorcyclist who at a young age sold his soul to the devil. In return for Satan's favor, he's impervious to harm and channels an inner demon who acts as a bounty hunter for fugitive demons.

According the IMDB, no information is available for the project, meaning Cage is still fishing looking for a writer and director to helm the project.

Here's the MTV interview where Cage spoke briefly on the subject and what he'd like to see happen with the direction of the franchise.

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