Ed Loves Bacon - Don't forget to 'Runpee' before heading to the movies

Has this ever happened to you - you get to the theater early, grab a large $10 soda, engage in witty convo with your movie buddy, survive 15  minutes of coming attractions. Then just as the movie gets well underway, your bladder starts screaming for release. As you walk down the dark corridor out of the auditorium, you hear roaring laughter or screams or my favorite, "oh Hell naw!" You get back later with your friend telling you, "you missed the good part."

Well worry no more, now you can know exactly when to step away to "pay the water bill" with a quick visit to runpee.com before heading to the movies.

Runpee.com flushes all colorful commentary and gives its readers the facts - what times and what scenes should movie goers head to out to take a bathroom break. What I like most is the interface. There's no reviews to wade through, no fussy graphics - just a easy-to-use panel showing how many four minute breaks and at what times are essentially worth skipping. If you wanna know what happened while you were out. hit the "unscramble" button and scene spoilers are decrypted.

The "pee times" are submitted solely from the site's registered users and thus subject to some scrutiny. That said, new movies and previously submitted updates are consistently added. Registration is free and movie updates are not moderated so they appear on the site immediately.

Recently, the Runpee's creator/developer, polyGeek announced the release of a mobile version. Runpee is available for download for Apple iPhones for $.99.

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