Ed Loves Bacon - Out of My League" stars become official Hooters girls"

Recently actresses Alice Eve and Krysten Ritter took their collective hotness to another level by becoming of all things, honorary Hooter's girls. While in town to promote their upcoming romantic comedy, She's Out of My League, the two participated in a lunch time promotion co-sponsored by Rock 100.5 at Hooter's Cumberland location where they were given their framed plaques stating their official Hooter girls status. During their time at the locale, Eve and Ritter (both "10's") participated in a meet and greet session and even donned a portion of the Hooter girl wardrobe: the t-shirt. They both passed on the wearing the iconic orange hot pants.

In She's Out of my League, Eve plays Molly a blonde hot girl who meets an average Joe named Kirk (Jay Baruchel) after leaving her cell phone in his security line at the airport. When the two meet to retrieve the phone, an awkward courtship begins which dumbfounds Molly's best friend Patty (Ritter), Kirk's friends and family and more importantly, Kirk who grapples to make since of how this "10" of a girl will settle for a "5" of a guy.


She's Out of My League opens Fri. Mar. 12 in area theaters.

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