Ed Loves Bacon - New Moon's Chaske Spencer and Tyson Houseman crash DVD release party

The battle wages on. It seems you can't get a real consensus on who's on top  amongst Twihards in Atlanta: Team Edward or Team Jacob. The argument gets a little more intense as the books progress, but now its getting more heated as the Twilight saga is playing out on the big screen as well between the picturesque Robert Pattinson and his on-screen rival Taylor Lautner.

Yeah, we can flutter about, back and forth on the matter but on Friday, the ATL was home for the wolfpack as two members of Jacob's brood - Chaske Spenser and Tyson Houseman, made an appearance at the Blockbuster Video in Brookhaven in support of the midnight release of The Twilight Saga: New  Moon on DVD. In the film, Spencer plays Sam, the older of the shape-shifting group, while Houseman plays the youngest member - Quil.

During their time at the Blockbuster store, the two answered questions from the audience, took photos with fans and signed over 300 copies of the two-disc Special Edition version of New Moon DVD.

Fans asked Spencer and Houseman to reveal information about the next installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse due in theaters in November, but they were not forthcoming with the details. Spencer finally broke down telling the audience  to, "Expect more action in Eclipse."

The audience went crazy.


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