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"Good Night Guildies."

That is what we hear almost every raid night during our five minute, usually more like 10-minute break  from Justin, the 7-year-old  son of a World Of Warcraft guild member I'm a part of. Justin has become almost symbolic of what our motley band of thirty-to-forty-something year-olds is about. Most of us have spouses and kids that take precedence over our addictive gaming hobby. If we didn't have kids we probably would be raiding five-to-six days a week for several hours a night instead of the three days a week for a couple of hours each of those nights.

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Wednesday April 11, 2007 06:42 pm EDT
Since I turned 40 I've been searching for ways to keep my mind sharp and stay in tune with new things both off-line and online. One of those is World of Warcraft. I figured I'd spend a day or two and see what it was about and move on to the "train your brain" apps that have become popular. It's been two weeks now and I'm addicted. I tell myself it's because I'm very task-oriented so it's... | more...
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