Ed Loves Bacon - Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Most gamers know of Final Fantasy. Seriously, a gamer who has not at least heard of the franchise is like a movie goer whose never heard of Star Wars.  The innovations and cult-like fandom of this Japanese series has definitely made its mark on the world's gaming culture. It can be argued Square's ingenuity in gameplay and story telling opened the door to games for development of a bevy of intense story-arced series such as Mass Effect and World of Warcraft.

In regards to the franchise, Final Fantasy's VI and VII introduced me to a mind-blowing level of epic narrative in games. However the series lost its  momentum in previous releases due to an uncharacteristic lack of finesse for the series. Now with the release of the latest version: Final Fantasy XIII,  it seems Square is attempting to correct their pass faults by throwing in everything but the kitchen sink. Yeah it has some interesting new features and stunning visuals but sorely, too many ideas were attempted without thinking them through.

Hear me out, This is a great game with some shining points, but there are tedious moments. Check it!

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