Ed Loves Bacon - Boondocks focus on Obama in season 3 premiere

Its finally here, yeah nucca  -  The long-awaited return on Aaron McGruder's animated series The Boondocks kick off it's third season Sunday, May 2, on Adult Swim. The premiere episode pokes fun at the hysteria and rockstar status of #44 - POTUS Barack Obama.

According to a recent post on Atlanta Magazine's website, the episode entitled "Its a Black President, Huey Freeman",  Huey (voiced by Regina King) is labeled a domestic terrorist by a cable news show for befriending Obama on MySpace. From the teaser vids posted on Boondocks Bootleg, McGruder and crew seem to satire the groundswell support and sometime mindless adoration for Barack Obama.

The Boondocks "Black Magic" Trailer from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

South Park has already had their fun mocking the nation's polarized views about having a Black President the season 12 episode "About Last Night", which showed the citizens of South Park using the newly elected president as a catch-all excuse to party, while McCain supporters (including Ike) prepared for the end of days. Later we find out the Presidency is only a ruse - a distraction on a national level orchestrated by Obama, McCain and their team to pull off an Ocean's 11-styled jewelry caper.

The LA Times reports that this season will have guest appearances by familiars Ed Asner and Charlie Murphy, but also will feature Bill Mahr, Billy Dee Williams and Marion Ross. The Times (dem Bitches) also have an exclusive trailer on their site promoting the new season. Rumors on the interwebs report that the series will also <embed class="blogEmbed" src=">rip movie and TV mogul Tyler Perry a new one</a> in an upcoming episode this season.</p><p> If you need your fix (and really, who doesn't) you can find a couple of really cool teaser clips for the series on YouTube.</p><p> <object class="blogEmbed" width="640" height="385">

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