Ed Loves Bacon - International Bacon Day with Top Chef's Kevin Gillespie

Bacon has its own holiday?

Yup, September 4, 2010 is International Bacon Day. It was apparently devised by some college students in Colorado in 2004 (according to the all knowing tome of know-it-all Wikipedia) and its spread like wildfire ... or hot bacon grease across the globe.

What exactly are you supposed to do on IBD, just eat bacon.

Purina, the creator of Beggin' Strips is hosting The Beggin' Bacon Bash this Saturday in Cincinati, Ohio and picked bacon aficionado and Top Chef Season Six fan favorite, Chef Kevin Gillespie as its spokesperson. Gillespie is the Executive Chef of Woodfire Grill here in Atlanta and keeps some variation of the our favorite food on the menu.

It seems that Gillespie's choice in sponsors ruffled some feathers though. Yesterday eater.com posted a spicy little rant about Kevin hawking dog food. Granted, it feels a little left field-ish for him to promoting an event from a pet food manufacturer, but really, the mighty fallen? I say let Kevin's food speak for him, and more importantly - let the man make his bacon ... and by that, I mean money.

Earlier this week, I spoke with Kevin via Skype about the Bacon Day and how he plans on spending Sept. 4th.

Kevin Gillespie from Top Chef: Beggin' Bacon Bash Interview with Creative Loafing from CatalystCharlotte on Vimeo.

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