Ed Loves Bacon - Interview: Gary Anthony Williams

The Boondock's Uncle Ruckus talks about Season 3 of the series.


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  • Gary Anthony Williams and his Boondocks alter ego, Uncle Ruckus

On the animated series The Boondocks, the Freeman clan are very seldom seen without their reluctant extended family member, the racially charged n'er do well, Uncle Ruckus. Ruckus, voiced by Atlanta native Gary Anthony Williams is an aging, bug-eyed slouch who believes he's a white man who suffers from "re-vitiligo" a made up skin condition that turned him from his natural white complexion to his current black state. Always full of vinegar in each episode, Ruckus spews racial slurs and the "N" word more often than the average person can count.

On Tuesday, November 9, The third season of The award-winning series will be available on DVD, uncut and uncensored. The special features include intros and outros hosted by Williams and Cedric Yarbrough, who plays the Freeman's neighbor Tom Dubois and the villanous (but oh so popular) Col. H. Stinkmeaner.

Recently I spoke with Williams via phone about the series, some of our favorite episodes and the future of The Boondocks cartoon.

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