Omnivore - A world of waiters

The face of a restaurant is its servers, and part of what I love about eating out is the truly varied human experience I get from dealing with the waiters of the world. Last night, at a casual cafe in town, I had a waitress who reminded me of those little girls on the playground — the quiet ones who stare unabashedly. She was so quiet and intense, I couldn't decide if she was in love with me or wanted to kill me with that steady, calm gaze. She would come to the table and say, "Hi ..." and then just stare as if I was supposed to make conversation with her. But I kind of liked her. Because she was authentic. The thing to always remember about servers is that they are people, and as long as they do their job and aren't horrible, their quirks are just part of the grand experience.

Any favorite or bizarre waiter experiences you'd like to share?

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