Omnivore - Let them eat tutti-frutti and Krispy Kremes

What will they want next? Doughnuts? CNN and Reuters report:

ROME, Italy (Reuters) — A group of Italian senators want ice cream in their cafeteria to "improve the quality of life" in the Senate, astonishing observers as Italy's political class faces a growing backlash over its handsome pay and perks.

What will they want next? Gelato? Reuters and EarthTimes.org report:

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Some of the world's top donut chains have come rolling into China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and elsewhere in the region as Asians embrace the Western fast food fad.

Chains like Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts and Mister Donut are setting up shop in a region not known for its sweet tooth, reflecting a growing openness to foreign foods and rising living standards, according to the chains and consumers who sometimes wait in line for hours for the treats.


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