Omnivore - Help wanted...

I frequently look through the help wanted classifieds in the hopes of finding new restaurants that are about to open. Today on Craigslist, a number of restaurant jobs caught my eye:

What's an Ass Manager? I guess it has to do with those "non-pizza" operations.

I've often said that I'm happy to no longer be waiting tables, not because of the work but because it seems that restaurant jobs seem to be more like casting calls for porn flicks these days. Long legs, big boobs, and a willingness to wear tiny revealing outfits are prerequisites at many places now. And waiters? Forget it — you'd better be female to get a job slinging burgers in this town. Some places are even requiring photos to get an interview.

But wait ... I take it all back. There are jobs out there for men willing to pimp themselves! And be painted as well! Equal opportunity isn't dead after all.

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