Omnivore - Life is an aquarium, old chum; come to the Luckie Food Lounge

We visited the new Luckie Food Lounge (375 Luckie St., 404-525-5825) this week. My full first-impression review will be in next week's paper.

The gigantic restaurant next to the Georgia Aquarium was developed by Mike Boles, who created the high-tech nightclub Compound, which he sold last year. This new venture also is a high-tech showcase. Basically, it creates the atmosphere of an aquarium. It's dark with seven miles of lighting, most of it eerily blue. There are plasma screens everywhere featuring images of moving water.

The restaurant is divided into a sushi bar, a cocktail bar and dining areas. Above is the cocktail bar.

Here's a shot of the sushi bar with its especially impressive, strangely lit aquarium.

The restaurant's menu features straightforward American fare that tourists will find attractive.

Presentation of food is in urgent need of improvement. This is literally the way a $24 plate of ahi tuna arrived at the table with a side of beefsteak tomatoes.

We did enjoy desserts of three varieties of creme brulee and bread pudding.

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