Omnivore - Never misunderestimate the value of a corny dog

The Krog Street Tunnel hosts the best graffiti in town. The interior is painted and repainted continually and the exterior north side is often painted to advertise alternative-type events. Corndogorama is a music festival, this year to be hosted by Lenny's (486 Decatur St.), July 12-15. Besides bands, there will be an artist's market and, I presume, corndogs.

According to Wikipedia, which has a detailed entry on corndogs, the strange carnival snack was popularized at the 1942 Texas State Fair, although its actual origins are up for debate.

You will remember that our fearless leader, George Bush, once referred to the snack as a "corny dog." I'm guessing the blue-blooded, faux populist has never been near a corndog, just as he's avoided e-mail on the "Internets." And, of course, his father was completely astonished when he encountered optical scanning in grocery stores a few years back, while wife Barbara — she of the "beautiful mind" — later remarked that living in the Astrodome had worked out very well for Katrina's "underprivileged" refugees. I don't know why she didn't just say, "Let them eat corny dogs."

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