Omnivore - Man with strangely long tongue endorses P'Cheen

Foodie Face of the Week belongs to Troy Willis, a furniture broker, here exhibiting his finely tuned palate. Troy has been digging the fish and chips at P'Cheen lately. I asked him what he likes about it: "I ate at Captain D's a lot when I was a kid, so it makes me nostalgic, but it's a lot better, of course."

I sure hope so.

P'Cheen probably deserves classification as a gastro-pub since its menu is better than the average pub's, thanks to one of the owners, Alex Friedman, once being a chef at Anis. He and partner Keiran Neely have created an arty interior that features burnt-orange walls rather than the typical pub's dark woody look.

I haven't tried the beer-battered fish that Troy has been eating, but I have liked the burgers here, as well as the pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and served with roasted cauliflower and risotto. Bar snacks, including coconut-curried mussels and a charcuterie plate, are also good.

After the dinner rush Thursday through Sunday, P'Cheen hosts some of the city's most popular DJs.

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