Omnivore - Family dinner without the dysfunction

Robby Kukler of Fifth Group Restaurants wants "to bring back the communal spirit of Sunday supper." And if your memories of large family dinners favor fondness more than trauma, maybe you will, too.

At Ecco, the group's newest restaurant in Midtown serving Mediterranean-inspired food, the Sunday Share has started, a series of family-style meals with different themes each week.

Starting at 6:30 p.m every Sunday, a limited amount of guests can share a meal at a communal table for $25 per person. Themed menus highlight different regions of the world and unique dishes.

This coming Sunday, July 22, the theme is "France, Meet Morocco," a fusing of the two cuisines. The following Sunday, July 29, will be "Paella and Tapas: A Spanish Classic." Should be good food and good conversation. I mean, it's not like it's your real family.

Reservations are required for those who wish to join in; for your spot call 404-347-9555. Ecco is located at 40 Seventh St., at the corner of Cypress Street in Midtown. For more info visit www.fifthgroup.com.

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