Omnivore - Biscuits bigger than a cross-eyed cat's head

After I told a friend about the huevos rancheros at Las Margaritas, he insisted I give the dish a try at Gato Bizco Cafe (1660 McLendon Ave., 404-871-0889). The cafe, whose name means "cross-eyed cat," features Tex-Mex-style burritos and tacos, along with the usual diner's menu of sandwiches and breakfast dishes.

The huevos rancheros here are not the usual fried eggs but are scrambled and folded inside corn tortillas with white cheese, and served with red and green salsa, along with black beans and sour cream.

The cafe, which has limited seating and lots of retro ambiance, is across the street from the Flying Biscuit and, as you might expect, it sells biscuits bigger than a cross-eyed cat's head, grilled with butter.