Omnivore - Locally grown lederhosen

You know it's a good day when a leather lederhosen-clad man greets you with beer. Such were my thoughts this past Saturday when I spent the gorgeous afternoon at the Country Fair in the City held on a giant concrete slab at 5 Seasons Brewing Company's newest (and as of yet unopened) location on the corner of Howell Mill Road and Marietta Street across from Octane coffee shop.

Saturday's event was part of Food & Wine magazine's Grow for Good campaign, raising awareness for locally produced food and benefiting Farm to Table. The cheery lederhosen man was owner Dennis Lange, ready to go from the daytime festivities to the Octoberfest held that night at the restaurant's Sandy Springs location. The perfect day was only made better once I had a nice little Bavarian Ecstasy Festbier buzz going.

Chef David Larkworthy of 5 Seasons and his crew aim to "celebrate the connection between each other, our food, and the earth," according to the restaurant's website, and prepared a variety of dishes with local and farm-fresh ingredients, from shrimp and sweet-potato grits to butternut squash crab cakes and a whole bunch of other yummy stuff I may not remember but definitely enjoyed. Counter Culture Coffee, CL's Best of Atlanta 2007 pick for Best Coffee, manned a booth as well, distributing information about its training center in the nearby King Plow Arts Center, and the overall cool things the shop does (like forming personal relationships with growers).

I learned about Muscadine grape varietals and sampled Muscadine beer, which has a fruity taste. I also learned from observation that to hand-tap a keg you should wear a protective helmet at the risk of explosion. But maybe the most valuable nugget of information gleaned came from an anonymous source who tipped me off to the ingenious college nickname of my fiery-haired editor, David Lee Simmons: "The Red Menace."

Overall, I deem the day a success.

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