Omnivore - Update on Chipotle

Chipotle's representative, Meryl Bryant Arnett of Melissa Libby & Associates, wrote me the following after reading my blog entry on the restaurant:

I read your blog today, and I want to apologize for your experience at Chipotle. It is most certainly not against corporate policy to take photos.

As you can imagine, there is nothing I want more than lots of media photos of Chipotle! I have since touched base with all area managers to confirm they are aware of the correct photo policy.

As for the "red" tomatillo salsa, what the employee should have explained is that this salsa is truly made with a base of tomatillos and receives its red color from pureed chiles de arbol. It adds quite a kick to the traditional tomatillo salsa.

Chipotle works very hard at its mission of food with integrity, and a very important part of this mission is being able to explain what is in the food we serve, where it came from, and why it fits our vision.

I hope you will accept the enclosed burrito buck and give Chipotle another chance. This time try the roasted chili-corn salsa - not a tomatillo in sight!

Hey, I love tomatillo sauces. I just don't recall ever having one blended with a red chile before. Meryl is correct that the result has a "kick." It borders on fiery.

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