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If you’re a “locavore” or are otherwise interested in the slow, simple, locally produced food movement, you should definitely read Salon.com’s interview with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, Calif. It strikes a good balance between advocating for organic, locally produced, cruelty-free, nonprocessed shopping and cooking, and acknowledging that such an approach can require more time and money than many people have — or, Waters would probably counter, think they have.

For reading enjoyment that won’t make you feel guilty, Cracked.com has an article on "The Six Most Terrifying Foods in the World." The writer emphasizes snarky attitude more than culinary information, but the faux ads meant to sell the products for trendy American consumers are hilarious. (Ex.: packaging “Pacha,” or Iraqi goat head, as an energy drink called “Ahead.”)

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