Omnivore - I ain't eating at Quan 306

I've eaten some pretty bizarre stuff over the years, but I think Matt Richardson of RowdyFood.com has passed me by a mile with his report on Quan 306 in Norcross. This is a karaoke bar and cafe. Matt's Vietnamese friend arranged for some special treats, the photos of which I dare you to look at. Click here.

Matt has also visited Apartment E, a private Mexican "restaurant" in, um, an apartment — not to be confused with Apartment D, a similar enterprise. Check his report out here.

This reminds me of Annie Keith's, the soul-food restaurant quite illegally operated in a house near Creative Loafing's old offices off Ralph McGill many years ago. Rumor was that Annie was related to the mayor of the time and nobody dared interfere with her livelihood — including the many cops who ate there.

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