Omnivore - It's a miracle! I can breathe! I can breathe!

OK, maybe it's not a miracle. But we hit the Standard for a late dinner Thursday night and — praise the Lord! — two voracious smoke eaters have been installed. I didn't cough once and my shirt doesn't smell too bad. I feel so good, I may take a brisk walk around the block.

We ordered the evening special — a slab of house-smoked ribs with tangy baked beans and coleslaw, about $10. (Watch your back, Daddy D'z.)

Owner Chris Johnson, who once upon a time managed the Stein Club (mentioned in my recent Moe's and Joe's post), was on hand this evening to try out the fresh air between drags on his own cigarette.

The Standard will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but only to drown your sorrows during the happiest time of the year. The kitchen will be closed.

(Photo from www.traditioninaction.org)

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