Omnivore - The Depot opens on Memorial Drive

I live in Grant Park and we welcome any new restaurant to the area. The latest to open is the Depot (904 Memorial Drive). It's located in an old train depot and appears to be an instant hit, if Saturday night's full parking lot was any indication. We returned Sunday night.

The restaurant has been opened by the same people who own Vickery's and several other restaurants. The best feature is an outside window that looks directly into the kitchen. The interior is as bare as the typical train station but has some nice touches, especially with lighting.

The food? Well, it needs improvement. Perhaps the strangest dish I sampled was corn cakes topped with shrimp, arugula and diced tomatoes. The corn cakes were tepid and were smeared with, um, wasabi paste. Please, please get rid of the wasabi.

I'll have a full report in a few weeks.

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