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Do you like hyperbole? Then you will adore this elegantly expressed news from a PR agency:

Flavors of the Mediterranean will flow through historic Inman Park with a bevy of exotic, bold hues and rich, flavorful authentic cuisine with the opening of ZAYA. The modern Mediterranean restaurant will grace the streets of Virginia-Highland in February 2008. ZAYA’s exquisite cuisine ranges from baba ghanuj, kabobs and baklava to various homemade specialties you won’t find anywhere else in Atlanta.

Dig the adjective-laden menu:

The award-winning menu includes robust, earthy cuisine infused with zesty lemon and garlic. An extensive selection of meat, vegetarian and seafood dishes range from chicken and beef schwarma, smoked lamb ribs and byblos pasta to an array of signature appetizers such as Baba Ghanuj eggplant dip, Sambousek meat pies and Mujadarah lentil stew. For the more traditional food lovers, classic chicken or beef kabobs, savory salmon filet or shrimp on a skewer can be enjoyed. The flavorful side dishes, Basmati rice pilaf and hummus dip will be offered to dress up those traditional plates.

The new restaurant's location is 240 N. Highland Ave.

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