Omnivore - Checking in with the food blogs

Jennifer Zyman, the Blissful Glutton, recently returned from a trip to San Francisco and she recorded every bite of food. Check out her blog here, and scroll down a bit to find the San Francisco material. Jennifer reports that she is sick with pneumonia. Get well soon, Jennifer.

Dynamic Dish continues to draw raves from everyone who visits. I took picky friends there last week for lunch and they were awestruck. Besides the food, we enjoyed our server Paul, a deaf comedian. The proprietors of RowdyFood.com and DirtySouthWine.com had dinner there recently and both recounted their experiences, here and here, respectively. They've renamed the cafe "Dynamic Dave's" after the owner, David Sweeney. Even the devoted carnivore named Steakhead raved about the place on his Atlanta Eats blog.

The foodies at AtlantaCuisine.com are promoting their favorite dive bars, past and present, in this thread. It's like a road map of the years I used to drink.

Cathy, of Live to Nibble, has a great post on Huong Giang, a Vietnamese restaurant on Buford Highway. Cathy reports that the restaurant has deviated from its focus on Hue cuisine by adding pho to its menu. Check out her interesting post here.

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