Omnivore - The many uses of peanut butter

I got this from an AOL story of reader-submitted uses for food. I can vouch for the hiccup cure — it's what we use in our house.

"Peanut Butter is great for removing crayon off of wallpaper. It won't fade the color." — June

"30-some years ago, I remember going to a 50's style dance and putting an incredible amount of vaseline in my hair to keep it slicked back. Well, the next day trying desparately to get the vaseline out, we called a beauty shop and they recommended PEANUT BUTTER. And by golly it worked." — CK

"If you place a small amount of peanut butter on a boil that won't come to a head (or any white-head for that matter) and cover with a bandaid overnight, it should be raised by morning." — Ali

"Peanut butter is great for taking rings and age spots off of wooden furniture. Just smear on area, let stand a bit and then wipe off. Do not use fat free; only the real thing will do." — Alice

" Peanut butter (creamy) is an excellent product for removing tar from the areas on your car. Just apply to a soft cloth and rub to dissolve the tar. Remove any leftover residue with soap and water." — Don

"Does pitch from pine trees ever get on your car? It's so hard to get off — unless you rub peanut butter over it. Usea paper towel, rub in a circular motion and to get the peanut butter off your paint finish, just wash the area with warm sudsy water." — Marianne

"Peanut butter makes a great quick fix for the hiccups. Eating 1/2 to 1 tablespoon should do the trick. Used it for years and it works every time!" — Amy

"Polish stainless steel with peanut butter. Smear a thin layer of peanut butter on the stainless steel. Let dry thoroughly and then buff out with a cloth, exactly like you would use paste wax topolish a car." — Ron

"Try rubbing peanut butter on leather furniture to get out pen marks, grease and dirt stains. Works great on leather car seats as well." — Rick

"Peanut butter removes the scratches out of Plexiglas. I had a boat and used it to rub minor scratches out of the windshield and it works great." — Tammi

"Peanut butter is great for removing gum from shoes, shirts, and even from your hair." — Cathy

You can read the whole story here. I especially like the special uses for Coke. Anything that kills aphids and "cuts through grease and dirt" sounds like a stellar thing to drink by the big-gulp cup.