Omnivore - Dry or moist? Dry or moist?

I paid a visit to Fox Bros. B-B-Q (1238 DeKalb Ave., 404-577-4030) this week. Besides craving some 'cue, I was curious to see if anything had changed. After my first visit in September, I reported finding the brisket way too dry, despite the great flavor. Then I returned and found it moist and fork-tender.

Other critics reported the same experience. The pulled pork likewise varied from dry to moist. So I ordered the combo plate (shown here) with both meats, collards and black-eyed peas, a special. Once again, the brisket was way too dry but the pulled pork was borderline. The collards and peas were awesome.

I don't understand the broad range in quality. I lived in Texas and do not remember the brisket exhibiting this much inconsistency at my favorite restaurants. An antidote, although sacrilegious, is to buy the 'cue to go and soak it overnight in the restaurant's good sauce. This basically turns it into moist Georgia-style barbecue.

I like the restaurant and its staff, but I'm mystified.

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