Omnivore - Steakhead attempts to redeem his manly rep

Atlanta Eats blogger Steakhead, who recently dined on fancy-schmancy veggies at Dynamic Dish, is attempting to shore up his rep as a manly carnivore by beating his chest about Fox Bros. BBQ. He particularly raves about the brisket, which I have found too dry at least half the time. He writes:

But the real treat here is the brisket, which really soaks in the smoky taste from the cooking process in each bite. The outside skin of the meat can be slightly charred (I actually like this), but the inside is moist and tender. In general, this is not a place that serves their meat covered in some thick sauce that hides the true taste. Here you get pure barbecue, smoky flavor and all, with the option to add a peppery vinegar-based sauce that sits on the table. I have had numerous sides and all are first rate.

I happened to notice that Mr. Steakhead published a list of his top five barbecue spots in June 2005 here, before the Fox brothers opened their own place. He ranked Rolling Bones as No. 4 but did not mention the brisket there. I consider it state-of-the-art, always predictably juicy. They even ask you sometimes if you want some fat on your slices of the Texas specialty.

I think Mr. Steakhead needs to compare the two restaurants' brisket and file a report soon.

(Image of Steakhead, with tofu crawfish, pirated from his site.)

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