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Lisa Dreyer writes: "My husband and I are interested to know if you are aware of a restaurant in the Atlanta area that serves authentic lamb shwarma." I referred her to Nicola's. Other suggestions?

The man needs veggie wheels: Tom Maicon, who publishes Atlanta Cuisine newspaper and operates AtlantaCuisine.com, announced the following in this month's newsletter.

With skyrocketing gas prices and food costs, it's more difficult than ever to be a restaurant owner and patron. Costs are up and, let's face it, salaries are not. In an effort to be even more earth friendly, as well as avoid hiking up our advertising rates, we have decided to tell the gasman to take a hike instead, and finally make the switch to vehicles that run on waste veggie oil for distribution of our papers as well as personal use. We already print on 100% recycled paper. We are currently in negotiations to buy a diesel Mercedes that can be converted to run on waste veggie oil. We haven't had as much luck finding a diesel cargo van — we've been at it for six months already. If you happen to stumble across one please let me know.

Write Tom to sell him a van or subscribe to his newsletter at tom at atlantacuisine.com.

The ultimate bad review: This is from Robin Frazer Clark, concerning my love of a certain fast food: "I noticed your favorite Popeye's on Boulevard is closed 'due to fire.' I know you thought the service was bad…but did you have to resort to arson? (just kidding, ya know)."

Open next week: Vita, the new Italian spot that occupies the old Mick's building on Bennett Street, will open for lunch Monday, March 17, and will begin serving dinner soon afterward.

Dinner and the theater: Silk restaurant, 919 Peachtree Street, hosts its next Theatre Night on Sunday, April 6. Customers get a three-course dinner and an orchestra seat at the Alliance Theatre'’s production of Doubt, winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for drama and four 2005 Tony Awards (including Best Play). Dinner starts at 5:30 p.m.; the play begins at 7:30 p.m. The event costs $56 per person (plus tax and tip), and Silk requires diners to make reservations with a credit card by calling the restaurant at 678-705-8888. To learn more, visit the restaurant's website he  re.

I'm Mr. Wonderful: Here's a nice email from Rhonda Moore: "I just read your review of The Depot. I was laughing out loud! You have a fabulous wit! For years, my husband and I have marveled at how "dead-on" your critiques are. Even more so, your reviews are thoroughly entertaining. I adore reading your column, either online or in CL. By the way, how is Wayne after his showdown with the display oyster shooter? I hope he's fine and I hope you're having a great day! Thanks for such a wonderful column. Be good!"

Actually, several other readers had written to inquire about Wayne's health after gluttonously devouring an oyster shooter meant for display. He is no sicker or deranged than usual.

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