Omnivore - Gag me with a wire

What's that above, next to the spoon? It's a black metal wire. Nothing you'd notice ordinarily, but, believe me, it's quite noticeable when you swallow it, or try to.

Saturday, I picked up lunch at one my favorite noodle shops and carried it to a coffee shop with me. Halfway through lunch, I felt something caught in my throat. It hurt! No amount of coughing would dislodge the object. I went to the restroom and literally ran a finger down my throat and eventually extracted the wire.

Obviously, I'm very lucky the thing didn't make it down my throat. I assume it could do a lot of damage.

I haven't been back to the restaurant yet, but I intend to drop by and exhibit the wire. I mean, hell, if you can sue McDonald's for scalding your mouth with coffee, surely I could be a zillionaire in a few months.

Just another hazard in a critic's life. At least this was over as soon as I dislodged the wire, whereas the case of food poisoning I endured a few weeks ago, lasted much longer.

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